What is „PSD to template“?


It's a process in which some design that is usually made with Adobe Photoshop is being converted to a template. The most queries are for the designs to be converted to a HTML site, Wordpress theme or Joomla template. There are many good designers. Much smaller number of designers knows how to convert their design into a programming code that is necessary to get a Wordpress theme or a Joomla template. Very often the designers hire programmers to do this part of the job for them. The price for that job is in the range from 50$ to 150$ for a HTML website, but if you want a Wordpress theme or a Joomla template the price is even higher and starts at 200$. These prices are only for the first page. Each additional page is being charged extra. The best way to convert an image into a template without problems is to use Maestro. Maestro is a software that has a unique algorithm for converting an image into a Joomla template. It's enough to import design (an image) to Maestro and to draw boxes over the image. These boxes are the module positions for the Joomla template. After that you need just one click with mouse and the rest of the job will be done by Maestro. The price for Maestro is smaller than what you need to pay to an agency for a single service "PSD to template". Another great feature is that Maestro doesn't require a PSD file. Maestro works with JPG, PNG and GIF files.


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